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We believe that worshipping Jesus is not just about singing but also about living a life of constant praise and surrender to him. We seek to inspire and equip the Church to worship God with their whole selves. This has a huge impact on what it looks like to worship in songs and prayer in our communities. Through teaching, insightful discussions, and worshipping together, we explore what it means to have a biblical understanding of worship. Whether you're an experienced worship leader, just starting out, or participate in worship in a different capacity, we invite you to partner with us.


  • Worship Training Conferences 

  • Church Gatherings / Special Events

  • Songwriting Workshops

  • Youth Retreat Worship

  • How To Worship As A Volunteer

  • Sunday School Worship Teaches

  • Guest Worship Leading at Your Church

  • Prayer Room / Encounter Room Sets

  • Tech Training

  • Multiply Mission Training Programs (SOAR, ACTION,TREK)

Please contact us if this is something you would like to explore with us or would lie to know more about a specific event.
We would love to discuss how to encourage and serve your community.


Jan 27th
SOAR NIGHT - Multiply Event
Winkler MB Church


March 22th-28th
SOAR HEARTLAND - Multiply Program


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Logan Steventon, USA

Heather and Aiden are such a great team. They lead with sensitive hearts, constantly listening to the Father. Many times during Focus orientation Heather and Aiden would sense that we should sing a certain song or simply wait in his presence. That atmosphere of genuine worship they prepared for us was intentional and purposeful. I am so grateful for their sacrifice of praise because it gave me space to experience more of our Lord Jesus in worship.
Focus Internship - MULTIPLY

Doris Wolf, Brazil

For a few years now, I had a hard time participating at worship times. That came to be because we had a few teachers at Biblie School teaching about inconsistencies and things that were not aligned with the Biblie in worship songs. So for years I couldn't worship because I was always going back to those thoughts, even against my will and despite all my efforts I just couldn't open myself to true worship. This changed with Aiden and Heather leading the worship time at FOCUS Training.  The way they led worship was something beautiful and new that I hadn't experienced before. It was much more than songs, they lead us into introspection, into connecting with God, into Joy and adoration. It was a daily worship and hearing of God, being open to Him and listening, it definitively led me into a deeper relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Focus Internship - MULTIPLY


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